Prioritising has never been a strong point for me I’m good at getting bored easily and forgetting what I was supposed to be doing. I may have mentioned before I need lists. This is never more true than on weeks like this one when my youngest started full time school and suddenly I was already busy every day of the week. I’m trying to take things slow and appreciate the small moments so that all of the things that need to be done don’t become overwhelming.

I’ve been continuing to think about how we need to teach ourselves and our children to cultivate positive mental health and good practices and habits to help prevent potential problems rather than just firefight when the problems start to get bad. This week I’m trying to slow down and remember the most important thing happening in my life is my children are growing up. To do this I’m trying to make sure I look at them and listen properly when they talk to me. To spot the times of day they are ready to open up and to focus and listen. It’s not easy especially when all three want to talk at once but just because I don’t always succeed doesn’t mean I’m giving up.

Looking for recipes for lunch box friendly cakes and biscuits made me remember a favourite from my own childhood. Mary Berry (yes always the family favourite cookbook) Melting Moments.


I’ve made one small adjustment because I don’t buy margarine anymore, sometimes I swap for butter but this time I swapped for coconut oil.

It’s a cream fat and sugar add egg and then flour and oats type of recipe. The biscuits are shaped by hand and rolled in oats then flattened on the tray. As with all the recipes in the book pretty simple.

They’re baked at quite a low temperature and for 20 minutes which was just about perfect, the tray on the top shelf slightly more well done than the one on the middle meaning those ones were crunchier and the middle shelf ones were chewier.

The taste team took their responsibilities very seriously and rated them ‘good’ on smell, snap, crunch and chew.


Jammy biscuits

Sad to look back and see that I haven’t had time or energy for baking for fun since before Christmas and here we are in the summer holidays.

Luckily it is the summer holidays and I have a two year old who likes to bake. So we made lemon biscuits into jammy biscuits because that’s what the two year old wanted.


Creaming the butter and sugar was fun mixing a two year old and an electric mixer…


The lemon zest was left to me as the toddler thought it smelled stinky!


Mixing in the flour was messy…


The dough went in the fridge for an hour, fortunately we had lunch time to distract us.


The toddler was in charge of the cutters she did an amazing job. I took over when it came to the oven part and spread the jam.


Everyone thought they tasted yummy and I was healthy and just had the one!