Healthy(ish) Christmas Gingerbread

Gingerbread might be my favourite Christmas treat but it’s so full of sugar and butter I always feel guilty about how much I can eat. This is a healthier alternative but mine aren’t quite as healthy as the recipe because I’ve chosen to use brown sugar instead of stevia in the gingerbread and regular icing sugar for the icing.

The flour, cornflour, baking powder and spices (ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg in mine today) are mixed together in one bowl. In the other bowl melted and cooled butter, egg and vanilla whisked together and then molasses and a little brown sugar mixed in.


Then the wet ingredients mixed into the dry, it needed hands to bring it together into a sticky dough. The dough is placed between two sheets of cling film and then goes in the fridge to firm up and become easier to handle.


The dough can then be rolled out still between the cling film which is a really handy trick for helping it not to stick to anything and making it really easy to place on the lined baking tray. 10 minutes in the oven and 5 minutes left on the tray before moving to the cooling rack seemed about perfect.

The icing was just icing sugar and water mixed to the right consistency. The plan was for a mix of red and green sprinkles but the kitchen assistant had a green sprinkle related disaster so it was mostly just red sprinkles.


Even without the icing the gingerbread was pretty good and didn’t really taste too ‘healthy’ it is less healthy with the icing but still significantly lower fat and sugar than the really decadent gingerbread recipe coming up later this month!



Christmas Treats

We have our own Christmas meal traditions as no one in our house really likes turkey. So the oven only gets used to warm bread on Christmas day for dipping in the cheese fondue. But Christmas Eve we had salmon en crute and I made ginger bread more successfully this time. Still getting to grips with how hot the new oven is (very hot on the top shelf) but back to the best ever gingerbread recipe.

The salmon was delicious as usual and the ginger bread made it really smell like Christmas.

And turned out pretty well. It’s been popular with all the family and there’s a bit more dough left to keep having fresh cookies when we feel like them! Normally I make a ginger bread house or some other creation but I wasn’t feeling up to it this year and the new me isn’t doing things just because I’ve always done them unless I want to so I’m trying not to feel like I’ve let myself down.