Valentine’s Special

I’m on the fence with Valentine’s day. It’s fun to give a card and gift and to receive one and to have a nice meal. But I agree in part with the people who hate valentine’s day because they feel they are being told to do these things by people who will make money out of it. I wish everything in life was free from commercial influence really, the way people are valued by their contribution to the economy makes me sad. I get annoyed though at being told if my relationship was as wonderful as random internet people’s I wouldn’t need a special day to remind me to write a card or buy a gift for my husband. As it happens we do buy each other gifts randomly sometimes too but we also sometimes get caught up with the day to day and fail to appreciate each other. I find it hard to believe that people who pontificate about how they don’t celebrate valentine’s day are always buying spontaneous gifts and writing spontaneous love poems but maybe I’m just a cynical bitter old person 😉

So the compromise somewhere in the middle of not celebrating commercialism but wanting to take the reminder to show my husband I really do appreciate him is where I try to find my joy. I love to make gifts for people because it’s my way of putting something of myself and therefore the feeling behind the gift into the package. This is especially true for valentine’s day. I think I’ve made something every year of the 20 we’ve been together although there may have been one or two somewhere in the madness of small children I’ve gone commercial.

Pretty simple this year just melted chocolate with sprinkles and m and m’s but very effective.


Kitchen assistant enjoyed the melting process and found some mini cases so she kept going with her own project. It was very sticky.

Melted butter and marshmallows with crisped rice cereal mixed in. There’s a reason it’s normally done all in one pot. It’s very sticky.


They look cool, she’s refusing to eat them because they are too sticky but everyone else likes them. Not healthy but very yummy and fun.