Jammy biscuits

Sad to look back and see that I haven’t had time or energy for baking for fun since before Christmas and here we are in the summer holidays.

Luckily it is the summer holidays and I have a two year old who likes to bake. So we made lemon biscuits into jammy biscuits because that’s what the two year old wanted.


Creaming the butter and sugar was fun mixing a two year old and an electric mixer…


The lemon zest was left to me as the toddler thought it smelled stinky!


Mixing in the flour was messy…


The dough went in the fridge for an hour, fortunately we had lunch time to distract us.


The toddler was in charge of the cutters she did an amazing job. I took over when it came to the oven part and spread the jam.


Everyone thought they tasted yummy and I was healthy and just had the one!