This weekend we had spaghetti carbonara which involved egg yolks. Thought I would have a go at making meringues with the egg whites. There were a lot so I used up all the sugar but they went the best I’ve ever managed. I think the key was in all the extra whisking as suggested by the Meringue Girls.

I shared on my Instagram stories as I went so I ended up with videos which gave me more fun (and some swearing) today making a how-to video…

There was so much mixture I also managed to make a pavlova which is pretty much my favourite dessert ever. There’s too much sugar for true healthiness but I’m going with sort of healthy because fat-free!


Had a weekend of peace and calm as the four-year-old went away for a weekend visiting grandparents. Was lovely in some ways, I got a lot of work done. In other ways, the teenagers made sure it wasn’t too calm by frequently having rows. Maybe sometimes you can have too much time with your thoughts. I think about the best ways to care for my kids so much and yet so often fall short of my own standards and even more often find myself left not making a decision because I’m too busy worrying it will be the wrong one.

They are all doing fine really despite everything I know this in my head but my heartĀ is never so confident.

Lunch required egg yoke so I was left with whites which obviously must be used up as waste is something to be feared and eliminated.

If Delia says it’s easy it must

be worth a try…

Eggs whisked and sugar whisked in. Pretty easy.

On the trays and in the oven. Oven heated to mark 2 then dropped to mark 1 for half an hour then switched off and left to cool.

Some of the meringues were not quite done, switched oven back on for 10 minutes and then they were mostly perfect.

Kitchen assistant wouldn’t try them due to not likingĀ the look but the rest of the taste team loved them.

Not doing so well on the giving up sugar front but I’m going to argue they are healthy as fat-free!

Struggling a little this week with how to make positive decisions moving forward from having made decisions in the past that I can’t go back and change. Feel too old to start again in education.