Pancake day special

After a disaster of an attempt to cook pancakes for breakfast, I made a positive choice to learn to make pancakes well today.

I started out blaming my tools and went to get a new pancake pan at the shop. Then I found some new recipes. A ‘proper’ pancake recipe from when Mary Berry made pancakes on The One Show.


This recipe for scotch pancakes which is also a Mary Berry recipe. And after quite a lot of searching this recipe for vegan pancakes which I made with regular flour and hazelnut milk rather than almond milk.

Other things I discovered while reading up on pancakes are that Shrove Tuesday apparently comes from an old English word shrive which means to confess your sins -all part of it being preparation for lent. Managed to hold myself back from running round the corner to confess all my sins with pancake in pan though. It also seems (based on facebook posts) a lot of mums measure their success or failure as a mum based on whether or not they can provide their children with well-cooked pancakes. News just in, if you’re even trying to make pancakes for your children you’re doing a brilliant job as a mum give yourself a gold star regardless of the prettiness of your pancakes.

Turns out all the recipes although they looked quite different in the bowls


are pretty easy to cook. Must have been right I just needed a new pan.

We had a lot of fun and despite not all looking the best they all tasted OK.

The taste test team liked the traditional English pancakes best and even insisted they had them for their main meal. The Scotch pancakes second best and they liked the vegan pancakes more than they expected to do. The Scotch pancakes were a little difficult to spread on the griddle and very filling and the vegan pancakes had a little bit of a bitter aftertaste (less baking powder would probably have solved that issue without changing the pancakes too much) and were softer than the other ones.

So now to decide whether to give up anything for lent or not. Would it be a positive choice or a step back in time?