Christmas Treats

We have our own Christmas meal traditions as no one in our house really likes turkey. So the oven only gets used to warm bread on Christmas day for dipping in the cheese fondue. But Christmas Eve we had salmon en crute and I made ginger bread more successfully this time. Still getting to grips with how hot the new oven is (very hot on the top shelf) but back to the best ever gingerbread recipe.

The salmon was delicious as usual and the ginger bread made it really smell like Christmas.

And turned out pretty well. It’s been popular with all the family and there’s a bit more dough left to keep having fresh cookies when we feel like them! Normally I make a ginger bread house or some other creation but I wasn’t feeling up to it this year and the new me isn’t doing things just because I’ve always done them unless I want to so I’m trying not to feel like I’ve let myself down.



Back in the kitchen

Maybe there’s an award for most neglected blog that hasn’t actually been given up on…

So here I am back in the kitchen, its been a year of reflection and thought. There’s not been too much baking. I’m ready for a new start on everything. I need to learn who I really am, when I stop trying to make everyone else happy or do and like the things I’m supposed to.

So my challenge to myself this year of 2017 is to start making choices based on what I really love not on what I aught to do and to see where it takes me. A year of positive choices. 

My first choice is setting myself the challenge of a weekly bake. I cooked and baked in my new kitchen today and I saw the glow in my eyes in the mirror, that’s how I want to feel, not like I’m struggling through life just about making it, but inspired. 

Then this happened 

And I didn’t cry or get cross with myself for being so useless I accepted these things happen sometimes it doesn’t reflect on who I am its just something that happened. And that’s the thing I’m most proud of myself for today. 

So will you join me, encourage me, encourage yourself to make choices you love and to treat yourself with kindness?